For the education development and progress there is an obvious impact of public and private universities. In all the countries of the world there are public universities for the peoples. However, it’s a big fact that public universities are unable to provide educational facilities to all the students. This creates a big gap and huge competition among the students for better educational facilities. To reduce this gap and competition private universities are playing important role.

In Nigeria there are dozens of public as well as private universities. The private universities are offering equal quality of education to the students who are unable to get admission in public universities. Among the most popular private universities of Nigeria the American University of Nigeria is very popular. It is fundamentally an associate of American University, Washington, DC. The authorized address of this university is

Crowther University is also causative to broaden the awareness and culture in Nigeria. The university is well thought-out among the up to date universities in nigeria.
Babcock University is providing high class educational facilities to the students in Nigeria. The main objective of this university is to enlighten the country with truth and education.

Bell University of Technology Badagry is situated in Lagos that is one of the most important cities of Nigeria. The university is famous for the big campus and modern educational styles and facilities. The students can find more information about the technology courses and degrees on
Madonna University is affiliated with the Madonna University Michigan, USA. This university is presenting many courses. Students can find more information about the academics on

Other popular private universities in Nigeria with their official web addresses are given below:
Pan Africa University is present in Lagos, students can find academic information on

Redeemer’s University Nigeria, for contact visit
Wesley University in Ondo for contact visit