The importance of education and knowledge is obvious and clear. All the developed and civilized nations have developed many universities and institutes for their upcoming generations. After a long time of transition the countries of Africa have started to focus on the importance of higher education.  The Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida University is among the top universities in Africa. This university is situated in Nigeria. The university was founded in 2005. However,  it has gained much popularity and recognition within 6 years only. The Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida University is one of the most well recognized and standardized universities in Nigeria.

The name of this university is honored by the former state head who was Gen. Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida. He was considered the son of this state because his services for the people of this state are memorable. He devoted his life for the improvement and betterment of the state and its people. That’s why the university is named on his name. The main objectives of the Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida University are to spread the education and knowledge in Nigeria. This university is enlightening the minds of students. Only clever, outstanding and extraordinary students are given chance to improve their creativities in this university.

The university started its first academic session in 2005. Most of the university departments started to teach students of different subjects for the academic year of 2005-2006. The university is looking forward to spread the opportunities and options to improve the research and practical work in this university, improved this year with the integration of new courses about hot topic like forex and social networks, so most of the departments are being funded by the state university commission of Nigeria. In order to get the higher ranks the university is offering different levels of courses. The first level of courses includes graduation while second level includes postgraduate and doctorate studies in different subjects especially in finance and economics.